Here I go again changing things up. LOL

I’ve decided to combine my blog and my website. So you can find all of my new posts and patterns at http://www.homeberries.com!

Talk with you soon!

Jen B


I found this blog and was just blown away by the amazing artwork created with these books. Here’s just a couple examples:

anagram_knightsanagram_octopusbook_15-500x371 Visit www.offbeatearth.com to see more amazing work.

This last week I worked on an adorable new pattern called Mud Pie. It’s in the shop for only $5.00 and it includes a 4×4 and 5×7 file! I loved working on this and it was inspired from my hand embroidery set “snakes and snails”.

Mud Pie 5x7I put it on a couple of aprons the first one for me 😀 and the second one was for a friend. I used the aprons from Sam’s  Club and it stitched beautifully! I’m on an apron kick now and need buy more. LOL

The next pattern I made was a grouping of clouds that spell out FLY! It’s also in a 4×4, 5×7 bundle.

fly-cloud-5x7-previewfly-cloud-cut-outI only wish I had better “cloud” fabric, oh well this colorful stripe is pretty fun too. 😀 I thought this would look adorable over a bird or an airplane on a shirt, or blanket. It was just fun to make.

The last set I made was for my little friends. I’m still going to make an apron for my son with the boy pattern, but here’s a preview so you don’t have to wait for me to get to that project. In fact I challenge you to make one before I do! Ha!

little-boy-chef-5x7-preview little-helper-girl-5x7-preview1

This would be a great project to stitch all in black and color in with marker. I just might do that for my little guys apron. He’s such a good helper, and he reminds me everyday – lol.

I’ve been working on a project for the girls at church and I absolutely fell in LOVE with it by the end. It’s a sweet scripture from Proverbs 31:10 that refers the to virtue of a woman being more precious than rubies. I changed it a bit so the girls could relate better and made a sweet princess to go with it. It’s in the shop now as a 5×7, and it’s made to have parts that are colored in as well as appliqued. You can really get the girls involved in this project! I used prisma color markers to color in the hair,shirt, and ruby. You have to be careful around the edges though, or it will bleed past the lines. If you wanted to heat set it just throw it in the dryer on high for 20 minutes and you’re good to go!            Here’s some pictures!


OK, so I’ve been working on some projects and I’ve finished some new patterns for the machine embroidery shop.

Here’s some picks, I can’t even tell you which one I like the most, so you be the judge!

God created Mothers pillowGod created Mothers actual stitch preview






Did I mention all of these are just $3.00 a piece?? If you like these keep stopping by to see what I come up with next!

I am just loving Machine Embroidery, but dont’ worry hand stitchers your time will come also. LOL I have paper pattern versions of these in the works. If you have a favorite you’d like me to put a rush on just post it and I’ll see what I can do!

So I stayed up until 2 in the morning working on some adorable baby blankets for a double baby shower today. I absolutely LOVE how these blankets turned out!

Baby blankets "little monkey and sleepy owl"

Little Monkey Blanket

Sleepy Owl blanket

The first blanket is of a sock monkey pattern I made last night, so it’s not in the shop yet, but I’ll try to get it in next week. The second blanket is of the 5×7 sleepy owl. I just love how they turned out. It makes me want to get prego just so I can have an excuse to keep these sweet little blankets. “AWWWWW” Sorry I just had to do it. LOL